Tier 1: Liberal Arts and Science Courses

Tier-One Liberal Arts and Science Courses are those courses which, besides the specific content of the course, incorporate the following elements of common knowledge:

In the areas of mathematics, natural science, and social science, the Tier One Liberal Arts and Science Courses chosen are those appropriate to a given program.

The major subject areas are the five in Tier One plus computer science. In many College publications, these subject areas are designated with codes. The codes appear after the course numbers of Tier-One and Tier-Two courses, as follows:




Natural Science

Social Science

When a course number is not followed by one of these codes, the course does not fulfill Tier-One or Tier-Two requirements. In addition to the letter codes that designate the major subject areas the course numbers of General Education courses are also followed by a numerical code indicating the Tier-One or Tier-Two status. A Tier-One Natural Science course, for example, would be indicated with the code "N1". Similarly, a Tier-Two Mathematics course would be indicated with "M2".