Media Services

MVCC video compliance procedure:  

In compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) regulations it is the procedure of Mohawk Valley Community College to provide full access to all visual materials for individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired.

Academic videos purchased from this point forward will be captioned or use other technologies that are ADA compliant. An exception may be made only if an uncaptioned academic video is determined to be essential for instruction, but the video must be captioned prior to being used.

In the classroom, captioning will be required when a student has self-identified as being hearing impaired through the Disability Services Office. If captioning is not available, appropriate accommodations will be made or the video will not be used.

Outside the classroom, all DGV-designated movies must have captioning and will be advertised as such.  All non-DGV movies should have captioning when available. The request for captioning to be made visible or other accommodations must be made through the Box Office, IT106/731-5721. The process for how to initiate the accommodative request needs to be clearly publicized.

All videos created by or for campus employees will be captioned or feature other ADA compliant technologies. The process of creating the captioning will be the sole responsibility of the originator of the video. Technical support for training on captioning will be provided by the Office of Disability Services or Educational Technologies.

Equipment and Video Reservation