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Event Cost

The typical honorarium for a local speaker is $300 (one campus) and $450 (for both campuses) plus hotel and hospitality when needed. We do not offer to reimburse speakers for travel expenses (with receipts, etc.). If your speaker requests these items, please work with Bill Dustin, x5840, bdustin@mvcc.edu. We may be able to adjust honorarium accordingly.

$350.00 (1 campus) $500.00 (both campuses) Other (explain cost below)

*Presenter is required to bring presentation on a thumb-drive.

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For further questions, please contact:

Bill Dustin, Events Administrator
Email: BDustin@mvcc.edu | Phone: 315-731-5840

Erica Carrock, Events Coordinator
Email: Events@mvcc.edu | Phone: 315-731-5720