MVCC Cyber Jobs:
Your FREE next step to an IT Career

MVCC CyberJobs is a new, FREE training opportunity for area residents who seek new skills in high-growth job fields such as information technology and cybersecurity. CyberJobs training is customized for people at any stage from entry level to expert. Offerings are designed to fit the schedules of busy adults. The program will begin trainings in early 2011, with the full schedule to be developed in response to community demand.

Applicants need not have prior IT or cybersecurity experience. The program works by assessing individuals' skills and experience then matching them with the right non-credit courses, credit courses, and certifications to compete at the next step of the career ladder. The application process asks questions regarding employment and educational history to help CyberJobs staff begin the assessment process. Participants will receive in-person assessments and career counseling, including a long-term career plan. CyberJobs trainees will receive grant-funded scholarships for all or part of the cost of training, depending on the programs selected.

The program is funded by a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. The grant provides for up to 2,500 local people to receive training over three years.It is administered by MVCC in collaboration with more than 40 local partners. For more information e-mail


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Beginner (basic computer operations / keyboarding, Word, Excel , Access)

Intermediate (Understanding PC Components, setting up a work station, preventing basic security risks)

Professional (Network+, Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker, CISSP)

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No high school diploma or GED High school graduate
Earn GED Attended college (did not complete)
2-year college graduate 4-year-college graduate

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