MVCC offers one of the most extensive, diverse, and successful two-year college intercollegiate athletic programs in the entire country.

MVCC prides itself on the overall depth and well-roundedness of its entire athletic program. There are a wide variety of individual (11) and team (9) sports for men and women. The diversity of the program (10 sports for men, 9 for women, 1 co-ed) virtually assures any interested student that there is the opportunity to participate in the sport of their interest at MVCC. The majority of the coaching staff are full time employees of the college and are here to help each athlete grow and develop both in skill and as an individual. The entire college community is excited by the achievements of our athletes sending many teams and individuals to regional and national competitions and triumphs.
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athlete(s) of the week
Women's Basketball
Krystal Fluellen
2010 women's cross country national champions
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