Adjustment Services

College is a big step whether a student is 18 or 45. The changes required in a person's life in order to successfully reach academic goals can be stressful. Time needs to be managed to be able to study, work, and be a family member and a friend. Finances need to be managed in order to pay bills and cope with potential debt. Students living away from home need to cope with the separation from family and living alone or with roommates. Students living in residence halls need to adjust to sharing a room with a stranger.

The challenges students faced before classes start neither resolve or vanish after the first day of the semester. The struggles of mood, health and family or friends are combined with the demands of being a student.

The Counselors at MVCC are specialists in helping students cope with the changes and requirements of college life. Working with a Counselor can help the student learn the skills needed to successfully meet his or her life goals. Information available online is not meant to replace working with a trained Counselor.

The Counseling Center in the Payne Hall Student Services Center can be reached at 315-792-5326. Students can make an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome.

The following resources are offered as options and are NOT meant to replace discussions with a Counselor.