Use the Internet to Access your MVCC Email

Did you know that you may access your MVCC email from any computer connected to the Internet (i.e. home, public library, a colleague's computer, etc.)? While your email screen on the web is slightly different from what you see on your desktop, the functions are analogous.

The first step in accessing your MVCC email is to have a computer connected to the Internet. Any computer is either always connected to the internet or has to connect each time internet access is needed. At most colleges, institutions and public libraries, the computers are always connected to the internet (as is the case at MVCC). Rural homes and small businesses usually use some sort of a dial-up service to connect to the internet.

The next step is to open up an Internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer , Netscape Navigator ). At the top of your browser there should be an address bar that looks something like this:

In the address bar type and hit Enter on your keyboard.

You will now see the following in your internet browser window:

Type your username in the Log On box and hit Enter on your keyboard.
[Note: Username = first initial of your first name followed by your last name. i.e. John Smith = jsmith]

The following dialog box will now appear:

Fill in the appropriate information for the username and password (see below) and then hit Enter on your keyboard.

User Name = username  
Password = network password  
password used to login to your MVCC computer

If you typed in a valid username and password you will see a window similar to the one below.
If you believe that you have entered the correct information but are being denied access contact the Educational Technology Specialist at (315-792-5398).


Whenever you login the inbox is shown by default. To get to a list of other folders click on the icon.

At the top of the window will be shortcut buttons that allow you to Compose New Message, Delete Marked Items, Move/Copy to Folder, Create New Folder, etc.

To read a message click once on the name in the From column.





A new window will appear with the message in it.

At the top of this window there are shortcut buttons that allow you to Reply, Reply to All, Forward, Delete, Move/Copy to Folder, etc.

When you are done using your email, be sure to click on the Log Off icon located at the bottom of the icon list on the far left of your main email screen.

If you need further, or more advanced, help with Microsoft Outlook you may contact Norma Chrisman in the Faculty/Staff Resource Center (315-792-5398).

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