How to Use Mac Files on a PC

The Mac is excellent about reading files from a PC...but did you know that a PC will read certain Mac file?


Let's say you want to use a Smart Classroom (PC based) to show a PowerPoint presentation created on your office Mac...

(Note: While the instructions below refer to PowerPoint presentations, the procedure works for other files as well)

  1. Make sure that whatever medium you are saving your presentation to is PC formatted:
  2. On your Mac, Save the presentation to your PC formatted Zip/floppy disk.
  3. Run over to a Smart Classroom.
  4. Hit a key on the keyboard to bring the computer out of standby mode.
  5. If you see a small window asking for a username and password, fill in the appropriate information and click OK.
  6. You should now see the desktop which should look something like below
  7. Double Click on the My Computer icon located in the upper left of the Desktop.
  8. In the window that appears, Double Click on the drive
  9. A window will now appear showing the contents of your floppy disk.
  10. Double Click on the file that you created on your Mac.
  11. The necessary program will now open and display your file...for this tutorial the program would be PowerPoint.
  12. Now you can use your Mac file on the PC!

MAIN POINT: If you want to use a Mac file on a PC, make sure you save the file on a PC formatted disk.

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If you need further, or more advanced, help with Mac to PC files you may contact Norma Chrisman in the Faculty/Staff Resource Center (315-792-5398).

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