August 2014 Institute
Workshop:Using StrengthsQuest in ED 100
Presented by: Liz Doherty, Patti Antanavige, Melissa Barlett, Tracy Coulson, Gina St. Croix
Location: IT 117
Time: Thursday, August 21, 2014 10:15 - 11:15 am
Max number of participants: 25

In the fall of 2014 StrengthsQuest will be used in all ED 100 sections, pending budget approval. A trained SQ ambassador will do an introductory lesson with students in each class. Instructors will then be able to incorporate SQ in other topics throughout the course. Come and talk with ED 100 instructors who have already been using StrengthsQuest with their students about how to infuse it into classroom activities, assignments and discussions. This section will generate ideas and activities, as well as help instructors develop more confidence with running a strengths-based course for those who will be teaching ED 100 this fall!

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