August 2017 Institute
Workshop:The Value of Providing an Education for Inmates in Prison
Presented by: Patrick Johnson, Morris Pearson, Brittany Dielemans, Michael Ferris, Ryan Spatto, and Patricia Washington
Location: IT224
Time: Wednesday, January 17 2:00pm
Max number of participants: 25

The purpose of this workshop will be to illustrate to instructors at MVCC the value of providing college classes for individuals currently in state prison facilities. Research shows that inmates who receive higher education classes while incarcerated, are far more likely to be of value to their employers, families and the community that they reside in once released. MVCC is currently educating inmates at Marcy Correctional Facility. This workshop will provide instructors with information regarding the experiences of educating students within a correctional facility, the clearance process for becoming an instructor and the overall impact they can have on the lives of the students and their families.

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