August 2017 Institute
Workshop:Team Building **RUNS UNTIL 3PM**
Presented by: Paul Katchmar, Mary Jane Parry
Location: ACC 116
Time: Friday, September 1, 2017 1:00pm-3:00pm
Max number of participants: 16

At the beginning of the one hour, forty-five minute program, participates will be randomly divided into two teams. The program includes an up-tempo and unique set of 10 different “team building” exercises and 8 short videos totaling about 15 minutes in length.  In the final module, the teams will be challenged to compete against each other in an exercise that will test their problem solving skills, and will also put to use techniques covered throughout the program. Topics covered include: The importance of Team Trust and Communication; Team Brainstorming; How a team can produce more (and better) than the individual; How conflict can be “good” for a team; Personal accountability to the team; The Power of the Team

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