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Blackboard - Control Panel

In this tutorial, you will learn how to navigate the Control Panel.

In the navigation bar on the far left, below the Course Menu buttons, select the Control Panel link.
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The link will bring you to the Blackboard Control Panel page, which only instructors of the course can access. The Control Panel is broken up into six modules. See the text below to see an explanation of each module.
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The Blackboard Control Panel
  1. Content Areas: This area provides the necessary tools to add text, files, and information to the course.
  2. Course Tools: This area contains the communication tools for Instructors to send email, create tasks, and work with groups.
  3. Course Options: This area contains security and customization options for management of course components.
  4. User Management: This area provides tools for the Instructor to manage users and enrollments.
  5. Assessment: This area provides tools for creating tests and surveys, recording grades, and tracking user activity.
  6. Support: This area provides support contacts and online doucmentation.