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Blackboard - Course Management - Entering a Grade for an Assignment

The Assignment Manager allows you to create an assignment that automatically becomes an item in your Gradebook. Students complete this assignment in a separate file and electronically send it back to you through the Course Menu. You may then download these files from the Gradebook and review them, before assigning a grade. The Assignment tutorials will guide you through this process.

In this tutorial you will learn how to navigate to the Assessment area and enter grades for an Assignment from the Gradebook.

1. In the Control Panel, click on Grade Center under the Assessment Module.
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2. On the Grade Center page, click the double down arrow to the right of the green exclamation point and select Grade Details .
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3. On the Grade Details page, click on the View Attempt button. This will allow you to review the student's submission and enter grades and comments.
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4. In the Feedback to User area, you can enter the grade and any comments. You also have the option to send a file back to the student. This comes in handy when you have added comments/markups to the file that the student submitted. You can return the "marked up" file back to the student.
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5. You have the option to add Instructor Notes and files too. The Instructor Notes and files can only be viewed by the Instructor. The student cannot see this information.

Click on Submit to enter the grade and send any feedback to the student. The student will be able to view this information when they click on their My Grades link.