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Blackboard - Introduction

Blackboard (Bb) is the Online Course Management system that is used at MVCC.

These tutorials assume that you are familiar with a Macintosh or a PC, and know how to use an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer.

These tutorials also expect you to be able to log in to Blackboard and navigate to the course to which you wish to add content. If you are not familiar with these procedures, please attend one of our workshops. You'll find a schedule in the sessions section of the MVCC training site.

Each tutorial will consist of a brief introductory section followed by a series of steps. A small graphic of the area being explained will be displayed to the right. This graphic can be selected to display at a larger size.

See the example below:

The explanatory text is placed to the left of the illustration and directs the action to be performed. Click on the link below the image to the right to show the image in a larger window.
  See larger image in new window