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The following are examples of the seven basic types of questions that can be used in Tests and Surveys.

Multiple Choice

In multiple-choice questions, you ask a question, and students indicate the correct answer by selecting a radio button. There is no limit to the number of answer choices you can create.

Multiple Choice Questions

True False

True False questions are similar to multiple choice, but have fixed answer options of TRUE and FALSE.

True/False Questions

Fill In The Blank

You can also build Fill In The Blank questions, where a student can type a word or series of words into a text field.

Fill in the Blank Questions

Multiple Answer

Multiple answers are similar to multiple choice, except they permit more than one acceptable answer.

Multiple Answer Questions


Matching questions are good for items that belong in pairs, such as indicating which word goes with each definition.

Matching Questions


Ordering questions permit the student to designate a hierarchy for lists or indicate the correct order of items.

Ordering Questions Menu


Essay questions are similar to Fill In The Blank questions. You must provide students with a question or statement, and students enter an answer into a text field. Blackboard's software does not grade essay questions automatically as it does for every other question type. An instructor must enter the Online Gradebook and assign points to each essay question. Once this has been completed a final grade can be assigned to the assessment.

Essay question and text box.