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Blackboard (Bb) is the Online Course Management system that is used at MVCC.

New to Bb? It's a good idea for faculty members as well as students to check out the MVONLINE website to determine if teaching / learning online is for you.

Want to start teaching online? If you are interested in teaching online, contact Norma Chrisman or Jim Lynch for your initial training as well as any future training needs.

Interested in developing a course on Bb? You will need to complete the MVCC Online development form. Click here to retrieve the form.

Already teaching online? New this Fall! We have developed a website, http://www2.mvcc.edu/training/bbtutorials/ ,that contains tutorials explaining the process of performing specific actions in Blackboard. If this is your first time using these tutorials, we recommend that you visit the Introduction before going on to the tutorials.