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Active Shooter Awareness Training

The curriculum will train participants in the different kinds of events; create interactive scenarios to practice survival skills in a safe setting; describe the role of law enforcement; explain differenc¬es between Shelter in Place and Evacuate; and provide participants with takeaway materials to refer to in emergencies.
'The goal is to make sure our MVCC community of employees are all on the same page about what to do in a potentially life-threatening situation,' said Amico. 'They will know what to do as individuals, what Public Safety and other law enforcement agencies will do, and how MVCC notifies people if this kind of emergency ever happens on our campuses.'
The 80-minute sessions will be led by David Amico, Executive Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management, and Peace Officers from the Department of Public Safety

  Date: Time: Facilitators Available

10/28 2:00pm Dave Amico, PH102 91
10/28 3:30pm Dave Amico, PH102 104
10/30 11:00am Dave Amico, ROME PCA10 86
10/30 3:30pm Dave Amico, PH102 103
10/30 5:00pm Dave Amico, PH102 114
11/4 9:30am Dave Amico, IT225 19
11/4 11:00am Dave Amico, IT225 33
11/13 11:00am Dave Amico, IT225 37
11/20 9:30am Dave Amico, IT225 22
12/2 2:00pm Dave Amico, PH102 93
12/9 11:00am Dave Amico, IT225 55
12/9 2:00pm Dave Amico, IT225 46
1/6 1:00pm Dave Amico, IT225 43
1/8 9:00am Dave Amico, IT225 45

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