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Wednesday, Jan 15th

8:30 - 9:15 am - IT Lobby - Morning refreshments with Healthy Choices plus lots of tunes!

  Date: Time: Workshop Name Available

9:15 - 10:30 am
Jan 15 9:15am How to Double the Number of Graduates Without Compromising Your Standards, Schafer Theater 73

10:45 - 11:45 am
Jan 15 10:45am All I Take to Class is my iPad, IT116 6
Jan 15 10:45am Advising in a Post MA 050 World, IT227 3
Jan 15 10:45am Play Your Stress Away, JC102 39
Jan 15 10:45am Compelling Communication, IT117 7
Jan 15 10:45am How Degree and Certificate Design Can Increase Your Graduation Rate, IT225 19
FILLED Jan 15 10:45am Black Swan Event Preparedness, IT119 0
FILLED Jan 15 10:45am MVCC Wiki Workshop, IT128 0

11:45 - 12:45 Casual Boxed Lunch on us in IT Lobby! Beverages and lots of music!

12:45 am - 1:45 pm
Jan 15 12:45pm Thesis, Argument-Tomato, Tomata?-, IT224 17
Jan 15 12:45pm Your In-flight Guide to the Trade Act and 599 @ MVCC, IT216 22
Jan 15 12:45pm Executive Leadership, Ed.D. Informational Session, IT116 2
Jan 15 12:45pm College Systems to Enhance Graduation Rates and Scheduling Strategies, IT225 39
Jan 15 12:45pm The Estate Planning Sandwich, IT226 3
Jan 15 12:45pm Undergraduate Research as a Learning Tool, IT117 9
Jan 15 12:45pm An Events’ Office Approach to Quality Service, IT119 8

2:00 - 3:00 pm

Jan 15 2:00pm Social Networking Ethics for the Workplace, IT116 16
Jan 15 2:00pm Advising Strategies to Enhance Graduation Rates, IT225 31
Jan 15 2:00pm Yoga, JC115 1
Jan 15 2:00pm Play the Game of College, IT226 17
Jan 15 2:00pm Vietnam Adventure, IT117 1
FILLED Jan 15 2:00pm Cybersecurity, IT119 0
Jan 15 2:00pm The Titan Homes Rebuilding Story, IT216 25

***BONUS*** January 16th Session

Jan 16 10:00am Safe Space Training- AB 145 10:00-3:00 with an hour break for lunch, AB145 26
Jan 16 2:30pm Core Workshop Facilitator Training – IT 216. 2:30-4:00. Training for Core Workshop Facilitators., IT216 11

Any questions regarding the January Institute Registration Form should be forwarded to
Jeff Kimball (IT 158), 731-5705.