January Institute
Workshop:Workshop: Peer-ing Into Writing Evaluation Processes in the Classroom & Lab
Presented by: Amanda Miller, Rosemary Mink, and the ATD Reading Team
Location: IT216
Time: Wednesday, January 17 3:15pm
Max number of participants: 25

Have you used peer review in your classroom? Maybe you've spent HOURS meeting individually with each student to discuss their report? Spent days giving detailed feedback to students, only to see little to no improvement? We've been there too! If your class involves significant reading & writing assignments (research papers, lab reports, essays, etc), and you've been trying to find what works best for improving student learning, this is the session to attend! We will work collaboratively to discuss what has worked, what sort of works, and what succeeded wildly; and together come up with some great ideas to improve student reading & writing literacy across the disciplines. All disciplines & experience levels are welcome. Come prepared to discuss peer review mechanisms, technology options, feedback strategies, and how to save time while ensuring students get the necessary feedback.

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