Summer Institute 2017
Workshop:BookWidgets:' Interactive Materials for the Classroom and Beyond
Presented by: David Patent
Location: IT 116
Time: Thursday, August 31, 2017 11:30am
Max number of participants: 25

BookWidgets is a software company that designs widgets - or mini-applications - for teachers. Teachers can use their user-friendly software to build their own content. The widgets can then be used on any Internet-enabled tablet or smartphone inside or outside the classroom. The presenter has been using BookWidgets applications to teach English as a Second Language for five years. However, these simple applications can be used by teachers in any discipline. The presenter will demonstrate how BookWidgets can be used to enhance learning and assessment. In this interactive presentation, participants will have a chance to use the application and explore how the technology might motivate and mediate learning both inside and outside the classroom. To fully appreciate the experience, participants will be expected NOT to put away their smartphones during the session! (It is recommended that participants download the free 'BookWidgets' application onto their device before arrival.)

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