Summer Institute 2017
Workshop:Closing the Vocabulary Gap
Presented by: Todd Marshall
Location: IT 117
Time: Thursday, August 31, 2017 11:30am
Max number of participants: 25

Research has shown that many students come to college with a huge gap in their knowledge of vocabulary. Vocabulary in this presentation refers not just to isolated words but to how those words are contextually and semantically interconnected to other words. So many students struggle to learn new vocabulary and retain it because they start off with a much lower vocabulary base and lack vocabulary building skills. This presentation distinguishes and focuses on active, receptive, expressive, and passive vocabulary. The presentation will include practical and effective ways for teachers to introduce, review, and reuse essential course-based vocabulary. I will also briefly mention some of the discussions I have had with a few instructors at MVCC about their challenge to help students with their vocabulary building. Comments from the audience welcomed.

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