Summer Institute 2015
Workshop:Core Workshop on Well Being
Presented by: TBA
Location: IT116
Time: Thursday, May 21 1:00-3:00pm
Max number of participants: 40

The purpose of this workshop is to bring us together in a fun, relaxed and informal manner in order to reaffirm our collective commitment to wellbeing here at MVCC. We hope to share research based information from the Gallup organization that can help us make wise individual choices that foster our personal wellbeing; as the cliché goes, “knowledge is power.” We also know we can't do it alone, and all of us are inherently connected to each other within this community. Thus, we hope to glean feedback from you that helps the college to more closely align its day to day practices, processes and culture in a manner that favorably encourages our collective wellbeing. In addition, the content and activities of this two hour experience are intended to help us learn more about each other, and gain a greater appreciation for who each of us is, and what each of us does at the college every day. By spending this meaningful time with colleagues we may not see every day, we hope to inspire new connections that can help us continue to co-create an increasingly positive and affirming community at MVCC that empowers us all to wellbeing.

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