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Wednesday, Jan 11th

8:45 - 9:30 am - IT Lobby - Morning refreshments with Healthy Choices plus lots of tunes!

Jan. 14 9:00am Adjunct Teaching Issues Exchange, IT116 25
Jan. 14 8:30am Morning Refreshments and Music, IT Lobby
Jan. 14 9:00am Effective Response to Difficult Student Behavior, IT117 15
Jan. 14 9:00am Reading a Racing Form, IT119 12
FILLED Jan. 14 9:00am Vietnam Adventure, IT216 0

Jan. 14 9:00am MVCC Website Uploader Training Updates, IT226 9

Jan. 14 10:10am Basic Palm Reading, IT116 10
Jan. 14 10:10am Connecting and Engaging Your Online Students, IT117 12
Jan. 14 10:10am Effective Instructional Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), IT119 29
Jan. 14 10:10am Tips for Writing Good Multiple Choice Test Items, IT226 9
Jan. 16 2:00pm Active Shooter Awareness Training, IT225 32

12:15 - 1:00 Casual Boxed Lunch on us in IT Lobby! Beverages and lots of music!

Jan. 14 10:10am Core Workshop Facilitator Training, IT225 22

Jan. 14 11:20am Effectively Presenting the Syllabus, IT116 17
Jan. 14 11:20am MVCC Website Uploader Training Updates, IT117 23
Jan. 14 11:20am Jeopardy! On PowerPoint That Would Make Alex Trebek Jealous, IT119 -2
Jan. 14 11:20am 2-1-1 Mid-York…Who Ya Gonna Call?, IT216 34
Jan. 14 12:20pm Afternoon Boxed Lunch, IT Lobby 219
Dec. 18 9:30am SQ102: An Introduction to Strengths, IT225 22
Dec. 18 1:00pm SQ103: Utilizing Strengths with Students, IT225 21
Jan. 16 10:00am LGBTQ Safe Space Training, AB145 7

Any questions regarding the Spring Institute Registration Form should be forwarded to Norma Chrisman (AB 160), 792-5398.