Spring Institute 2012
Workshop:Plenary Presentation: Anne Frank Project: Dear Me
Presented by: SUNY Buffalo State’s Anne Frank Project
Location: IT Theatre
Time: Tuesday, May 19 9:00am
Max number of participants: 330

Meet Reggie, a popular high school senior who is wrestling with the disturbing reality that his childhood pal, Charlie, has just committed suicide. Ignoring Reggie’s desperate pleas, Charlie had recently come out-of-the-closet for all to know- the social impact was disastrous. After Charlie’s funeral Reggie seeks the refuge of their childhood hideout in the woods-amidst symbols of their lifelong friendship Reggie writes a letter to Charlie hoping his unspoken thoughts will somehow reach his lost friend. Reggie’s letter conjures much more than he plans for as souls from the past magically visit him to aid his journey towards self-discovery and turning loss into lessons.

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