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The Peacemaker Program

CJ 219  Restorative Practices:  Mediation

This course will be offered Spring Semester 2010.  Please check again in October for more information!

Brenda E. Episcopo, Executive Director, The Peacemaker Program

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This course presents the history and philosophy of mediation, an informal dispute resolution

practice.  It analyzes key concepts, including conflict, language, power, diversity, equity,

justice, communication styles and creative problem-solving techniques.  It addresses the

role of mediation in civil and criminal justice disputes and discusses current controversies. 

Through role-plays and mediations supervised by certified mediators, it applies principles

to the solution of hypothetical and real civil, juvenile, family, and other disputes. 
Supervised and independent mediation experiences are made available as students qualify for them. 
Successful completion may result in eligibility to apprentice in certified mediation programs.


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