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Hi, advisees.

Best wishes for a great Fall Semester!

I hope to see EACH of you in my office at some point during the semester----if only to say "hi." 
Take a look at the academic calendar, too, for important due dates and deadlines.


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Marianne Buttenschon, Associate Professor and Dean

Center for Social Sciences, Business, and Information Sciences

350 Payne Hall     315.792.5631

Mrs. Margaret Decker, Senior Office Specialist     350Payne Hall     315.792.5463

Jason Yager, Assistant Dean     349-A Payne Hall     315.792-5304


and the Diversity/Global View graduation requirements

Associate in Applied Science Degree [A.A.S.]
The Criminal Justice curriculum is designed to prepare students to enter a range of
occupations in the criminal justice system and to continue their college educations.
The core courses form a foundation for understanding the operation of the
criminal justice system, the causes of crime and delinquency, the history and

application of criminal justice and constitutional law, and the ethical bases of

criminal justice decision making. Electives address the diverse issues facing the
criminal justice system and encourage students to gain more specialized
knowledge of policing, juvenile justice, corrections, and the private sector.
Input from the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee and the opportunity to
participate in a one-semester internship provide links to criminal justice practice.
High School Math Course 1 or its equivalent is required.

First Year
First Semester

CJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice     3 credits
CJ107 Juvenile Delinquency     3
EN101 English 1: Composition     3
SO101 Introduction to Sociology     3
PS101 American National Government     3
ED100 College Seminar     1
Phys. Ed.     1/2

Second Semester
CJ106 Ethics in Criminal Justice     3 credits
CJ108 Criminal Law     3
EN102 English 2: Ideas & Values in Literature     3
PY101 Introduction to General Psychology     3
Tier One Natural Science     4
Phys. Ed.     1/2

Second Year
Third Semester

CJ202 American Constitutional Law     3 credits
CJ204 Criminology     3
MA110 Statistics     3
Restricted Elective     (a) 3-4
Criminal Justice Elective     3
Phys. Ed.     1/2

Fourth Semester
CJ214 Criminal Justice Communications     3 credits
SS218 Methods of Research     3
Criminal Justice Elective     3
Restricted Elective     (a) 3-4
Restricted Elective     (a) 3-4
Phys. Ed.     1/2

Total Credit Hours: 61-64
plus Physical Education and College Seminar.

(a) Students must take three restricted electives, to be chosen in consultation with the student’s academic advisor.

The list of approved electives is available from me or in Payne Hall 349 and PH 350.