Class Policy

The policies below are applicable to all courses that I teach. They may or may not be the same as the policies of other instructors. Please read the following carefully.

General: It is expected that students will come to lecture and lab prepared. Along with bringing the appropriate materials (text, calculator, etc.), the student should have covered the assignment for that particular day as found on the course web pages.

Academic Integrity: From the college catalog, "The College is committed to a spirit of intellectual inquiry rooted in the ethical behavior of its participants. This means that certain acts which affect the integrity of learning are not permissible." This includes but is not limited to plagiarism, cheating, and disruptive behavior. Unethical or dishonest behavior may result in failure of the course or other disciplinary actions.

Interruptions: Out of courtesy and respect for fellow students, disruptive devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, audio/video capture devices, etc. are not to be turned on or activated in lecture or lab except in the most special circumstances (students must first receive instructor approval).

Homework: Homework exercises are found on the individual course web pages. Assignments have been carefully planned to reinforce specific concepts and subject matter. Although homework is not normally collected and graded, it is expected that students will make an honest effort at these assignments. Failure to do so will only cause pain and suffering in the long run. These are key to mastering the material and for success in future course work. If difficulties with the assignments arise, please visit during an office hour or other free time so that they can be taken care of. Waiting will only compound a problem.

Tests: Tests are announced one week in advance. Students not taking tests without a valid excuse will receive a grade of 0 on said tests. Make-ups are given at the discretion of the instructor. Tests may be curved up or down when appropriate (usually when the mean/median is below 70 or above 80). It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor of absence. email is generally the most efficient means if you are off campus.

Grading: This varies from course to course, and for specifics please refer to the policy letter handed out on the first day of class. In general, however, the final grade is based upon an accumulation of points. Typically, there will be 3 one-hour, in-class tests worth 100 points each in 4 credit hour courses (Circuits 1 and 2, Op Amps, Science of Sound). The shorter 2 or 3 credit hour courses (Computer Programming) will usually have 2 tests. The final exam will be worth 200 to 300 points, and lab write-ups and work are usually 200 points total. There may be approximately 100 points for homework, computer and other projects. Quizzes may be added in as well. The instructor reserves the right to add or subtract up to 20 points to (from) the total for class and lab participation, readiness, etc. This policy will be strictly adhered to in all but the most special cases. One such case involves lab work. Lab work is an integral part of these courses and thus students not attending lab and failing to hand in lab reports or assignments will automatically fail the course.

Students with Disabilities: I would appreciate hearing from anyone in the class who has any type of disability (e.g., physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, etc.) which may require some special accommodation.  Please email me so that we can discuss your needs. Before services can begin, you must also contact the Disability Services Office, 792-5644, in Room 104H of PayneHall on the Utica Campus. Staff members will review your documentation, determine your eligibility for accommodations, and decide what those accommodations will be. Students who notified me regarding accommodation needs in a previous semester must do so again each subsequent semester

Disclaimer: The above policies and procedures are subject to change, in the event of extenuating circumstances, or at the discretion of the instructor.

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