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EN102: Ideas & Values in Literature | Syllabus

Course Description
This course seeks to deepen a student's understanding of human nature and the human condition through the study of ideas and values expressed in both imaginative literature and a full-length book of nonfiction. To this end, students use and develop critical thinking and language skills.mainly in their attempts to raise and answer questions in their readings, discussions, and expository writing tasks, which may include exploratory writing, an academic journal, reports and essays. A library-oriented research project is required. --Prerequisite: English 101

Departmental Objectives
Goals toward which students should work:

-to utilize critical thinking skills in analysis of college level literary texts.

-to use primary and secondary research sources in a research project which will demonstrate analytical thinking skills in connection with assigned stories.

-to demonstrate an awareness and comprehension of how social, cultural, aesthetic and intellectual issues raised in the class are relevant to your own lives. Various writing activities allow you to explore the relationship between readings and your experience.

-to comprehend the nature of the humanities and the relation to other disciplines.

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Regarding Disabilities that May Affect Learning

Please notify me if you have any type of disability (physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, other) which may require special accommodation. Please see me after class or during my office hours to discuss your needs. Before services can begin, you must also contact Lynn Igoe, the Coordinator of Disability Services, 792-5413 (Voice or TTY), or Eileen Dutcher, the college Learning Disabilities Specialist, 731-5702, located in Room 153 of the Academic Building on the Utica Campus. These staff members will determine eligibililty for accommodations. 

Credit Opportunities

Quizzes on assigned stories

2 exams

Research essay project

Full details on course content and weekly activities will be distributed to participating students.