The MVCC Honors Program


The Honors Program allows exceptional students to engage in challenging projects in collaboration with faculty mentors. If you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, you may choose to do an honors project in any course. Your professor must agree to mentor the project and the project proposal must be submitted by the second week of classes and approved by the Honors Coordinator, Patty Hirsch. At the end of the semester, you will present your project in an open forum to your department. If the project is graded as acceptable by your mentor and if you get a grade of B or higher in the course, you will receive an Honors designation on your transcript for that course. If you complete three courses with Honors, you will graduate "with distinction". This is a rare and highly respected accomplishment.


For more information on the program and forms, click on these links, see Patty Hirsch (PH 342, 792-5642) or email her.




Past and Current Honors Projects



Spring, 1998

Therapeutic Recreation in the Classroom for Children Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, HS214: Therapeutic Recreation (Mentor: Dr. John Rosicky), by Sandy Quattrociocchi.


Alcohol and Substance Abuse Issues in Childhood and Adolescence, PY202: Childhood and Adolescence (Mentor: Michael Sewall), by Kevin Irwin.


Special Issues in Treatment of People with Co-occuring Psychiatric and Addictive Disorders, AS204: Special Topics in Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (Mentor: Patricia Hirsch), by Kevin Irwin.


Special Issues in Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Among our Aging Population, PY205: Adulthood and Aging (Mentor: Elin Cormican), by Kevin Irwin


Fall, 1998

Representations of Women in Art, HU120: History of Art (Mentor: Dr. Carolyn West Pace), by Nadia Szerwinski.


The Benefits of Therapeutic/Recreational Horseback Riding for Handicapped Children, PY202: Childhood and Adolescence (Mentor: Susan Romeo), by Roxanne DeAngelis.


Spring, 1999

Photographic Imagery Within Sculptural Context, FA222: Photography 2 (Mentors: Keith Sandman and Daniel Buckingham), by Nadia Szerwinski.


Artemisia Gentileschi: An Artist Observing and a Woman Observed, HU121: History of Art 2 (Mentor: Dr. Carolyn West Pace), by Nadia Szerwinski.


The Dynamics of Community Policing: A Future Policy, CJ216: Selected Topics in Criminal Justice (Mentor: Beverly Quist), by Jeremy Alexander.


Buddhism in Tibet, GE101: World Geography (Mentor: William Zogby), by Goldie Puffer.


Fall, 2000

Action Figure and Package, GC202: Dimensional Illustration (Mentor: Henry Godlewski), by Adam Hardick.


Spring, 2001

Lundegaard Armory Catalogue, GC201: Professional Practices (Mentor: Henry Godlewski), by Adam Hardick.


Art Department Satire, GC244: Topics in Art History (Mentors: Dr. Ron Labuz and Larry Migliori), by Adam Hardick.


Uncovering Recurrent Dreams, PY101: Introduction to General Psychology (Mentor: Dr. Theresa White), by Nicole Griffin.


From Mother Goose to Dr. Suess: An Overview of Children's Literature Reflecting Cultural Evolution, EN102: English 2: Ideas & Values in Literature (Mentor: Satya Tandon), by Melody Nadeau.


Fall, 2001

Going to Sleep on the Farm: A Pop-up Book Illustrated by Gwen Ketchum, GC202: Dimensional Illustration (Mentor: Henry Godlewski), by Gwen Ketchum.


International Studies at MVCC Poster, GC141: Digital Illustration (Mentor: Alex Piejko), by Tiffany M. Perrino.


Spring, 2002

An Application of Calculus Through the Analysis of Dam Construction and an Examiniation of the Gamma Function, MA152: Analytical Geometry and Calculus 2 (Mentor: Gabriel Melendez and Gary Kulis), by Christopher M. Indolfi.


Speed Kills, EN197: Creative Writing (Mentor: Caroline Lewis), by Shannon Mason.


The Effects of Parenting Styles and Discipline Techniques on Child Outcomes, PY202: Childhood and Adolescence (Mentor: Carmelita Lomeo), by Candise Sheldon.


Analysis of a Digital Communications System Using Parallel and Serial Communications, ET275: Telecommunications 3 (Mentor: Bruce Kurtz), by Jason Taillon.


Fall, 2002

Theories and Approaches to Behavior Management, PY201: Learning: Behavior Analysis (Mentor: Gina Testa-Appel), by Candise Sheldon.


Spring, 2003

School Violence Prevention, PY212: Adolescent Psychology (Mentor: Gina Testa-Appel), by Jayda Bowden.


Alcoholism in the Elderly: Causes and Consequences, PY205: Adulthood and Aging (Mentor: Robert Christman), by Dale Hartnett.


Fall, 2003

Depression as it Affects the Elderly, PY203: Abnormal Psychology (Mentor: Jonathan Meeter), by Dale Hartnett.


A Study of Women Dually Diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Substance Abuse, HS241: Chemical Dependencies (Mentor: Robert Christman), by Rhodri Scantlebury.


Sexuality in Adolescence, PY212 Adolescent Psychology (Mentor: Gina Testa-Appel), by Rhodri Scantlebury.


Spring, 2004

Counseling Techniques with the Defiant Adolescent, HS242: Counseling Techniques (Mentor: Elin Cormican), by Jayda Bowden.


Literacy Rates and the Blind, ED211: Intro to Exceptionalities (Mentor: Patricia Hirsch), by Sharon Giovinazzo.


Behavioral Changes that lead to Termination of Smoking, PY201: Learning: Behavior Analysis (Mentor: Jonathan Meeter), by Dale Hartnett.


The Influence of Fathers' Participation in Self-Help Parental Groups on Child Development Outcomes, ED205: Child Development (Mentor: Carmelita Lomeo), by Jonah Powell.


The Examination of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse with an Emphasis on Genetics, AS201:  Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling (Mentor: Robert Christman), by Rhodri Scantlebury.


Fall, 2004

Islam, Judaism, Hindu and Christianity -- Death, Burial, Afterlife and Grief, PY208: Death, Dying and Bereavement (Mentor: Patricia Hirsch), by Jayda Bowden.


Parent and Child Sexuality Views on Today's Society, PY213: Human Sexuality (Mentor: Patricia Hirsch), by Candise Sheldon.


Hair's Everything You Need to Know, BI206: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology (Mentor: Tom Capraro), by Laura Wood.


Spring, 2005

Piet Mondrian: Influences and an Artist, HU205: History of Art II (Mentor: Carolyn Pace), by Paul Malinowski.


Linking Community and College: Assisting Higher Risk Youths Develop Skills for Academic Success, PY212: Adolescent Psychology (Mentor:  John Rosicky), by Jamie Clark.


Fall, 2005 [in progress]

The Right Approach, Restorative Justice, CJ217: Restorative Justice (Mentor: Beverly Quist), by Christie Badgley.


Web Design Project, GC213: Graphic Design for the WWW (Mentor: Cynthia Busic-Snyder), by Zachary Long.