Jefferson County Community College

Tentative Schedule for Biology 204

Mr. Thomas Summer 2013



May 22


May 23

Male Reproductive System

May 24

Female Reproductive System  Introduction to Nerve Tissue

May 29

CNS:  Spinal cord, reflexes and brain

May 30

Finish brain

First lecture exam

May 31


 Exam 1 on meiosis, reproductive system, and nerve tissue

June 5

Special Senses

June 6

Finish special senses


June 7

Digestive System 

Exam 2 on CNS, ANS, Reflexes

June 12

Digestive system cont.


June 13

Endocrine System

June 14

Third hourly exam on special senses and digestive system

June 19

Urinary System

June 20

Urinary System and review

June 21

Fourth lecture exam

Fifty percent on Endocrine and Urinary

Fifty percent on previous material