10. In the US, as a woman of a certain age, I am invisible. In Vietnam, I am anything but invisible.
9. The traffic: the ultimate self-regulating system.
8. Phu Quoc Island and Tiger Beer.
7. The Old Quarter, Hanoi.
6. China Beach, Central Vietnam.
5. The smell of the tropics—jasmine, magnolia, greenery and more greenery.
4. Walking, shopping and taking photos. In Vietnam, life is lived on the street. Sit still and something will happen.
3. The colors of the houses, the clothes, everything—and none of the colors seem to clash. The colors change as the sun moves, and they change in the rain as well. Everything seems to be in flux.
2. Yoke ladies: women carrying everything in their baskets. They carry Vietnam on their shoulders.
1. THE PEOPLE with their generous hearts, big smiles, and hospitality that never stops!


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