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As a courtesy, all Media Requests require 24 hours advance notice.
Date of Booking: Please use mm/dd/yyyy format (One date ONLY!)
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Room Number (eg. AB142):  *** Schafer Theater equipment requests should be directed through the Events Office
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REQUESTS FOR SOUND SYSTEM/MICROPHONE should be processed through

Note: Due to high demand, computer requests should be verified with the Information Technology Department (315-731-5711)

Instructor's are asked to make arrangements to pick up a requested DVD/ VCR in AB 155 prior to the class date/time.

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If requesting IPads, please list any APPS that are needed. Please use the Comment section to include IPad APP information or any extra information that we may need to know for this event. Please DO NOT use this section to request equipment for a extended duration of time. Separate requests need to be completed for each time.

REQUESTS FOR SOUND SYSTEM/MICROPHONE should be processed through

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