Type of Bus Pass Requested?

Semester 10 Ride Call-A-Ride

Weekly Unlimited Single Ride Rural (with approval)

Terms and Conditions: :

Bus passes are non-transferable. It is valid only for the student to whom it is issued.
Semester passes are issued only during the first month of the spring/fall semester.
Passes will be issued based on and after confirmation of semester schedule.
Students living on-campus may be issued up to 3, 10-ride passes per semester. Students working off-campus must provide proof of work schedule and will be provided passes as needed.
Lost/Stolen Passes:
The pass holder agrees to take responsibility to ensure that the pass is not lost or stolen.
C3 cannot replace lost/stolen passes.
Centro is able to cancel and reissue ONE semester bus pass (takes 24 hours). If your pass is lost a second time, there will be a charge. All further reissuing/purchasing of passes become the responsibility of the student.
In event of an emergency, a maximum of 5 additional single ride bus passes may be issued throughout the semester.

By my signature, I allow the C3 program to release my information for inter campus communication and referral.

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