Watch Sex as Pizza Consent video

Test your Consent knowledge!

What is considered affirmative consent?

a. Having a previous sexual relationship with the person
b. A clear and verbal "yes"
c. Having a current sexual relationship with the person
d. Knowing this person has had multiple encounters with others

When is it appropriate to ask for consent?

a. While the person in intoxicated
b. After you have already started the activity with your partner
c. Before beginning any sexual activity
d. There is no need to ask for consent when the person is unconscious – it’s fair game

If a person says “no” what should you do?

a. Keep pressuring them until they do say yes
b. Ask for clarification
c. Respect their decision and back off
d. They’re just playing hard to get, go for it anyways

If a person says yes to sexual activity, but then changes their mind while it is occurring, do you:

a. Continue because the agreement was already made and a person cannot change their mind
b. Ask for clarification
c. Immediately stop
d. Persuade them to continue until they agree