No waivers will be accepted after the first day of class

Federal Aid State Aid Both MM-DD-YYYY

*The determination of your waiver request can be viewed in your SIRS account: Financial Aid > Eligibility >Academic Progress.

To comply with Federal and NY State Regulations, Mohawk Valley Community college is required to monitor whether a student is maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress and progressing toward a degree or certificate within a set timeframe. If you have received notification form this office that you have lost eligibility for grants and/ or student loans, you are offered the opportunity to submit an appeal for reinstatement of financial aid funds. If the appeal is approved, you will be placed on financial aid probation for the upcoming semester; during that semester you must complete all classes with a passing grade.


You must acknowledge this form before submitting the appeal request. The request must include the following:

  • Your statement explaining the circumstances that prevented you from completing the semester or previous semesters successfully.
  • Steps you have taken to resolve the circumstances so they will not prevent you again from completion of a successful semester.
  • Documentation to support the appeal request.

Student Certification:

  • I have read the above statement and have reviewed the SAP policy as outlined on the website.
  • I will submit a detailed explanation of the circumstances that prevented me from successfully completing the semester (or past semesters).
  • If this appeal is not approved, I understand I am responsible for tuition and fees if I attend.
  • I understand approval is not guaranteed.
  • I understand if this appeal is approved, I am expected to complete all classes with a passing grade.
  • Although my appeal may be approved this semester, I underst

if you have any issue complete this form, please contact MVCC Financial Aid or call 315-792-5415.