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Please be very specific and include complete titles and names of any film, DVD, presentation, performer etc. and describe what will happen at the event. Student Congress will fund up to a maximum of 75% of the total net cost of a trip, not to exceed $600 per student. This will include meals, which will be calculated at no higher than the College rate. Two advisors must be present on every trip.

All equipment proposals must contain a summary describing the proposed storage location and how it will be distributed amongst club members. Before the club can receive the equipment, the Student Activities Office will need to enter it into its inventory.

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If this is a presentation, you MUST provide a Website or Link with more information

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By submitting this form I am acting for the above named club and should this event be approved we agree to accept responsibility for any fees and charges from the use of the College's facilities. The club agrees to follow all of the College rules and regulations.

Club and Advisor Statement of Acknowledgment

MVCC reserves the right to suspend or cancel any presentation that is determined by College authorities to pose a danger to self, the College community, or its members, or to be unduly disruptive of the College life.

I hereby acknowledge that I have reviewed and am now familiar with the information proposed; with this, I can confirm that the proposed event and or presentation adheres to the college mission, vision and values.