Terms of Agreement:

Use of a PIN for the MVCC Student Information and Registration System is restricted.

I agree to the following statements, in order to request a PIN:
  1. I am over 19 years old.
  2. I am not taking a class through any Bridge, Magnet or Millennium Project programs.
  3. I am not enrolled in Corporate Training classes though the Center for Community and Economic Development.
  4. Because sending a PIN number via email may not be secure, I agree to change my PIN as soon as I enter the Student Information and Registration System. (To do this, go to Personal Information off the Main Menu, click on Change PIN).
  5. Use of a PIN to register for classes does not mean I have been enrolled in a degree program (matriculated). If I wish to be enrolled in a degree program, I agree that I must go through the Admissions process with the admissions office."
  6. I am the student, not a family member.