Operating Principles


The Strategic Horizon Network is a member-supported learning community. Presidents and liaisons from each member college form the Design Team which shapes the learning goals and operating principles of the Network. Dr. Randy VanWagoner, President, and Stephanie Reynolds, Vice President for Student Affairs, at Mohawk Valley Community College are the Network’s Facilitators.

The Network intentionally maintains a size that is small enough to ensure meaningful interactions and opportunities for relationship building member colleges. Operating Principles are reviewed and revised by the Design Team on an annual basis.

Current Operating Principles

  • Mapping alternative futures for community colleges through analysis of research and environmental forecast data, analytics and business intelligence, and idea sharing with organizations at the cutting edge of thought and practice;
  • Identifying where opportunities for innovation - disruptive and sustaining - will be realized in the future;
  • Propelling their colleges forward in the pursuit of innovation through transformative strategies that alter traditional business models, organizational architecture, culture, and systems;
  • Fostering institutional growth and development through cross-institutional idea sharing and collaboration in the pursuit and execution of innovation and change.

Member Colleges


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