Summary of Colloquia Themes and Topics

Date Theme/Topics

November 9-10, 2020
Virtual Colloquium

Anti Racism and Advancing Inclusive Excellence

  • Modernizing the Mobility Narrative - Michael Collins, Vice President, Jobs for the Future
  • How to Be an Anti-Racist - Dr. Ibram X. Kendi
  • Biased, How to Uncover the Hidden Prejudice that Shapes What We See, Think and Do - Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt
  • Action Steps for Advancing Equity on Campus - Dr. Shaun Harper

November 7-9, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

Designing a Culture of Hospitality and Innovation

  • America and the Widening Service Gap, Michael Brown, Executive Director at Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development
  • Zappo's: A Values Driven Culture of Excellence
  • From Like to Love - How to make others fall in love with your organization, Keith Alper, CEO, Nitrous Effect, Inc.
  • Disrupting Disruption, Randy VanWagoner & Marcia Ballinger
  • Site Visits:
    • Zappo's
    • The Smith Center
    • Trinity Church
    • Bellagio Food & Beverage
    • Bellagio Hotel & Casino

June 2- 4, 2019
Denver, CO

Creating New Funding Streams through Social Enterprise

  • The Fundamentals of Social Enterprise, David Miller, Rebecca Arno and Janney Carpenter, Barton Institute for Philanthropy & Social Enterprise
  • The Financial State of Higher Education, Chris Mullin, Director, Strong Start to Finish
  • Fundamentals of the Entrepreneurial Mindset, Chris Heivly, Denver TechStars; Co-founder, MapQuest
  • Site Visits:
    • Women's Bean Project
    • Mental Health Center of Denver, Dahlia Campus for Health and Well Being
    • Access Gallery
    • Access Gallery

November 2018
Boston, MA

Equity in the Age of Artifical Intelligence

  • AI: Bringing Equity Front and Center - Dr. Peter Smith, Orkland Chair, Professor of Innovative Practices in Higher Education, University of Maryland
  • Learning and Work: How AI will Bring them Together - Beth Porter, CEO and Co-Founder, RIFF Learning
  • Equity and Inclusion in the Age of Artificial Intelligence - Maria Flynn, CEO of Jobs for the Future
  • The Future of Work: Joseph Fuller, Harvard Business School Professor of Practice and Co-Leader for the HBS Future of Work Initiative
  • Site Visits:
    • Admit Hub
    • Catalant
    • Federal Reserve of Boston
    • Microsoft R&D Garage

June 2018
San Diego, CA

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Bandwidth Recovery: Helping Students Reclaim Cognitive Resources Lost to Poverty, Racism and other 'Differentisms' - Dr. Cia Verschelden, Executive Director of Institutional Assessment - University of Central Oklahoma
  • Strategic Diversity Leadership - Driving Change for Equity - Dr. Damon Williams, Chief Catalyst, Center for Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Laboratory - University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • The Future of Educational Leadership: The Roles of Equity and Design - Antoinette Carroll, Executive Director, Creative Reaction Lab
  • Site Visits:
    • iLOFT - Mesa College
    • San Diego Gas & Electric
    • Rise at the Jacobs Center
    • The Alpha Project

November 2017
Madison, WI

Innovation, Individualization and the Internet of Things

  • Six Things Innovators Do Differently – Greg Satell, Author, Mapping Innovation
  • How the Internet of Things will Change Our World – Raj Veeramani, PhD – Professor, College of Engineering and Wisconsin, Founding Director, Internet of Things, University of Wisconsin
  • Individualization and Game Based Learning – Dan Norton, Chief Creative Officer and Founding Partner, Filament Games
  • Individualization and Students on the Brink, Jed Richardson, PhD, Acting Director, the Hope Lab, University of Wisconsin
  • Site Visits:
    • ETC Headquarters
    • Sector 67
    • Filament Games
    • EatStreet

June 2017
Burlington, VT

Staying Tethered Amid Disruption

  • Transformative Resilience - Ryan Polly, Manager of Talent Strategies for Leadership, Learning, and Diversity, University of Vermont Medical Center
  • Our Extraordinary Future - Dr. Roger Selbert, Principal, Growth Strategies Group
  • Panel: Disrupting Food Systems to Address Food Insecurities
    Travis Marcotte, Exec. Dir. Intervale Center
    Paul Costello, Exec. Dir., VT Council on Rural Development
  • How Core Values Can Drive the Brand  - Rob Michalak – Global Social Mission Manager, Ben & Jerry’s
    Site Visit:  Factory Tour – Ben & Jerry’s Headquarters, Waterbury, VT
  • MOOCs - The Evolution of a Disruptor-  Nina Hunteman, Director of Academic Partnerships, EDx

October 2016
San Antonio, Texas

Thriving in Disruption

  • How Predictive Analytics are Changing Higher Education - Mark Miliron, CEO and President, Civitas
  • Thriving in Disruption with 4DX: Four Disciplines of Execution -  Chris Roberts, Regional Trainer, Franklin-Covey
  • The 4DX Journey at the Alamo Colleges -Dr. Bruce Leslie, Chancellor, Alamo Colleges
  • Site Visits:
    • Geekdom:  A collaborative co-working space in Texas, and the heartbeat of the San Antonio start up ecosystem.
    • San Antonio Spurs Sports & Entertainment: An NBA Team with an educational mission
    • Northwest Vista College
  • Expectations Meet Reality – the underprepared student and community colleges -  Dr. Linda Garcia, Assistant Director of College Relations for the Center for Community College Student Engagement at The University of Texas at Austin

June, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA

Community Engagement

  • Community College 2020: The Paradox of Leadership  (Dick Alfred)
  • Understanding the Essentials of Community Engagement (Dr. Jamie Talbott,  Professor of Community Engagement Point Park University & Kendra Ross, Ph.D., Candidate in Community Engagement, Point Park University
  • How Pittsburgh Became the “Most Livable City in America”  (Dr. Don Marinelli, Academic Director, Entertainment Technology, Columbia University School of Professional Studies)
  • Community Engagement in Action – A Panel of Doers – Aradhna Oliphant, Director, Leadership Pittsburgh, Gregg Bahr, Grable Foundation and the Remake Learning Initiative; Bob Delach, Zulama Education Gaming Initiative; Jess Trybus, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University & CEO SimCoach Studios; Bill Flanagan, Chief Corporate Relations Officer for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development
  • Site visits to explore how area businesses have benefited from a community engagement approach:
    • Pittsburgh Children’s Museum
    • Energy Innovation Center
    • REEL Teens, Pittsburgh
    • 31st Street Movie Studios
  • Rethinking Educational Delivery to Increase Community Engagement and Student Learning (Julian Alssid, Chief Workforce Strategist, College for America at Southern New Hampshire University)

January, 2016
Albany, NY

Disruptive Innovation "The Way Be Will Be"

  • First globals (born between 1979 and 1994) as a transformative group
  • Skills and knowledge needs in a technological, information-based society
  • The impact of nanotechnology on our future
  • The power of stretch

June, 2015
Ann Arbor

Megaforces: vision and the power of networked organizations

  • The Future: brand, networks and power (Dick Alfred)
  • Megaforces and High Performing Organizations: using crowdsourcing to address challenges in higher education (Allan Afuah, UofM School of Business)
  • Site visits to explore how organizations have developed and are protecting brand while navigating megatrends (Whole Foods, REI, Downtown Home and Garden)
  • Visit with Mark Hodash (Ann Arbor Entrepreneur)
  • Zingerman’s approach to creating a vision of greatness (Ann Lofgren, Zingtrain Training)

October, 2014
Gaithersburg, MD

Montgomery College hosts

Developing institutional capacity for disruptive transformation

  • Adapting to a turbulent landscape: the new leadership (Dick Alfred)
  • Organizational learning and life cycles and the power of networks in supporting new initiatives (Daniel Kim, Pegasus Communication)
  • Using big data and analytics as tools in disruptive transformation (Bank of New York Mellon)
  • Cross college discussion sessions on managing disruptive transformation and tour and overview of MC’s allied health partnerships & facilities

June, 2014
Ann Arbor

Navigating disruptive transformation

  • Community colleges and the future…what if? (Dick Alfred)
  • New thinking about organizational performance and leadership—positive energy in the workplace (Kim Cameron, UofM School of Business)
  • Case study: Building for the future (Dick Alfred)
  • Joy Inc.: How we built a workplace people love (Tour of Menlo Innovation with CEO, Rich Sheridan)

October, 2013
Ann Arbor

Disruptive Innovation: from concept to action

  • Leading and managing disruptive innovation (Otto Lee, San Diego Community College District)
  • Preparing the infrastructure for disruptive innovation: (Ann Welsh, University of Cincinnati)
  • Case study on implementing disruptive innovation--Putting structure and process to disruptive innovation (Steve Paulus, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital System)

June, 2013
Elyria, Ohio

Lorain County
Community College hosts

Partnering to build entrepreneurial capabilities in learners

  • Call to action for community colleges and entrepreneurship (Jonathan Robinson, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation)
  • What entrepreneurs need most: coaching, capital, and commercialization capabilities (Roy Church, LCCC)
  • The Impact of coaching, capital and capabilities through community colleges (Panel discussion with 3 LCCC entrepreneurial partners)
  • Essential Talent to Drive Re-invention (Panel discussion with 4 employers)
  • Visit with LCCC’s initiatives:
    • Ground Up
    • Blackstone Network Colleges
    • Rapid Prototyping Lab
    • SMART commercialization center and
    • iLOFT

October, 2012
Ann Arbor

Re-visioning community colleges through disruptive innovation

  • Community Colleges on the threshold of restructuring? (Dick Alfred)
  • Planning for disruption: Re-conceptualizing an industry—disruptive transformation in print media (Laurel Champion, AnnArbor. Com)
  • Leading through disruption--Case Study in Institutional restructuring (Dan Phelan, Jackson Community College)
  • Adapting to disruption--Leading under pressure (Lynn Wooten, UofM School of Business)

June, 2012
Keystone, Colorado

Revisioning our Business model:
Transformation by design

  • Re-visioning organizational performance--constructs involved in performance metrics & models (Dick Alfred)
  • The Objective Face of Performance (Ed Kelty, Rio Salado College)
  • People, Perception and Performance (Steve Paulus, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital)
  • Designing customer experience—the cognitive dimension of performance (Keystone staff)

October, 2011
Ann Arbor

Design thinking methodology:  using design sensibilities in practice

  • Principles and applications of design methodology (Ann Welsh, University of Cincinnati)
  • Case study: Visit with Quicken Loans—how they identified market needs and created products and services to match them (Matt Cardwell, Vice President, Marketing)

April, 2011

University of Cincinnati Live Well Collaborative

Designing for transformation

  • Introduction to UC design thinking methodology
  • Understanding the user
  • Using storytelling and games to establish needs and roadblocks
  • Building a tool for use at each college to engage others in “the quest”

October, 2010
Ann Arbor

Enhancing performance through organizational redesign

  • The external landscape (Noah Brown, ACCT)
  • University of Phoenix for-profit methods and processes (Roger Bober, University of Phoenix Detroit Metro Campus)
  • Cross-college work teams—Case study on redesign to impact the completion agenda

February, 2010
Livermore, CA

Las Positas College

Designing colleges for the future

  • Principles of organizational design and design thinking (IDEO corporation)
  • Visit with The Wine Group—Redesigning products to adapt to  changing markets and  needs & trends
  • Case study: Visit with Sybase 365 CEO—Organizational redesign in action

October 2009
Ann Arbor

Internal sustainability—leveraging our intangible resources

  • Building on abundance
  • Zingerman’s approach to open book management
  • Henry Ford Museum approach to recruiting, orienting and retaining engaged employees

October, 2009
Detroit Westin hotel

Faculty forum on alternative courseware

  • Broaden awareness of variety of online courseware options
  • Identify alternatives to traditional textbooks
  • Build on work done to date across the Network

October, 2009
Detroit Westin hotel

Faculty forum on alternative courseware

  • Leading diversity/prejudice reduction workshop: Building capacity through inclusivity

May, 2009
Haverhill, MA

Northern Essex Community College

Learning Session with National Coalition Building Institute

  • Leading diversity/prejudice reduction workshop: Building capacity through inclusivity

February, 2009
Tempe, AZ

Rio Salado hosts

Sustainability I: Tangible Resources-Sustainability as a contributor to building capacity

  • Tom Kimmerer, Association for the advancement of sustainability in higher education—Higher education’s role in sustainability
  • Visit with Arizona State University Institute for Global sustainability
  • Visit with Arizona Public Service, The Nature Conservancy and Phoenix Human Services
  • Sharing Network colleges’ sustainability initiatives and examples of alternative courseware

November, 2008
Ann Arbor

Building Capacity: rethinking the organization

  • Using an abundance perspective to develop “organizations of engagement”; leverage capacity by employee empowerment, investing in people; using strategies to support and develop human resource capacity
  • Building capacity through people (Dick Alfred)
  • Doing things differently (Rich Sheridan, Menlo Innovations)
  • Site visits to Borders books; Menlo Innovations, Whole Foods and Zingerman’s Deli—How do thriving organizations approach empowerment?
  • Google’s approach to employee empowerment

June 2008
Annapolis MD

Anne Arundel Community College


  • Sage Policy Group (Anirban Basu)--Need for leadership in economic development
  • Northrop Grumman—working examples of entrepreneurial initiatives
  • National Association of Community College Entrepreneurs (Tommy Goodrow)--Exploring opportunities to become more entrepreneurial to lead regional economic development

January 2008

Site visit to Southwest Airlines & Richland College
Dallas TX

Strategic human resources as a means of supporting culture and values

  • SW Airlines approach to:
    • values and culture
    • hiring the right people
    • “On-Boarding” new employees
    • Leadership development & training
    • recruitment/ placement partnership opportunities
  • Richland College Baldrige Award winning initiatives
  • Creating a culture of high performance and enabling employees to succeed

October, 2007
Columbus, Ohio

Columbus State Community College

Building organizations using different lenses

  • Visits to Honda American Headquarters; Ohio Super Computer (Ohio State)
  • Understanding generational differences, expectations and needs, organizational philosophy, culture and human resources strategy
  • Conversation with CEO of SkyBus—Rethinking an existing industry, personal efficacy as leaders, Zen and the art of success

June, 2007
Ann Arbor

High Performance Organizations

  • Abundance: Learning, Leading and Leveraging (Dick Alfred)
  • Laughter in the workplace (Chris Holdwick, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital)
  • Network Panel on putting abundance to work (Roy Church, Lorain County CC)
  • Building a culture of abundance through strategic human resources (Chris Holdwick)
  • Showcasing network strengths

November, 2006
Orlando,  Florida Disney Institute

Strategic Context for Leaders

  • Developing leaders module presented
  • Disney Institute: Leadership excellence & people management

Fall, 2006
North Carolina Site Visit

Technological advances that will change the way we do business

  • Technology trends/challenges for higher education (SAS/CISCO)
  • North Carolina Bio-Technology collaborative

June, 2006
Ann Arbor

Positive Organizational Health

  • Positive Organizational Health—The Abundance Framework (Kim Cameron, UofM School of Business)
  • Opportunity Conversations (D.J. Corson, Hawkeye Community College)

Fall, 2005
Houston, TX

The Great Game of Business

  • Strategic Thinking module presented
  • Employee engagement
  • Open book management—The: Great Game of Business (Springfield Remanufacturing Company)
  • Tour of Cy-Fair College Design innovations

June, 2005
Ann Arbor

Thinking Strategically

  • The Change imperative (Catherine Lilly, University of Michigan, Change initiatives)    
  • Dynamics of a healthy organization—importance of culture and employee empowerment (Chris Holdwick, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital system)
  • Process management (Stan Jensen)

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